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Induction training is usually your best opportunity to inspire new employees – but in an age of remote working, onboarding is no longer straightforward. If your organisation wants to retain and motivate new starters, it will need to think about online induction programmes that are both dynamic and engaging.

At Sponge, we know what induction and onboarding experiences need to achieve. We listen closely to your needs and identify how they can be met with digital learning. We then create bespoke online experiences using video, animation, storytelling, webinars, games, and even virtual reality elements – all to create the best Day 1 possible. Finally, we use our tech and project expertise to deploy your programme at any scale, in multiple languages, anywhere in the world.

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First impressions matter most – and onboarding employees is no different.

Analytics focus.

All our programmes and platforms are designed to improve learning experiences through data.

Global scale.

Get creative ingenuity delivered at scale. We're used to serving global learner bases for many of the world's biggest brands.

Consultative and personal.

Big ambitions succeed through great relationships. We'll challenge and support you to create onboarding solutions that really work.

Experience first.

We are industry leaders with a full-service mix of tech and operational solutions. But we always focus on the content and experience first - with the ambition to create learning that stays with learners forever.

How can Sponge help?

Sponge has a wide range of products and services to help with induction and onboarding.

Curious about how onboarding training can boost engagement and get new starters up to speed? Our digital learning consultants can help.

If you want onboarding that is fresh, engaging, and speaks directly to your people at different levels, we can create custom solutions just for you.

Our programmes can introduce compliance basics as part of onboarding, helping employees to integrate compliance into their day-to-day practice.

Sponge’s user-friendly LMS makes it straightforward to manage onboarding training and track progress – or we can integrate our programmes directly into your existing LMS.

Find your ideal onboarding solution.

Onboarding – what’s your preferred way of learning?

With Sponge you can choose from a range of bespoke, tailorable or off-the-shelf solutions.

Our off-the-shelf solutions include: 

  • Courses for Remote Working & Onboarding.
  • Plug and Play Digital Compliance Training.
  • Sponge Learning Management System. 

Library content for off-the-shelf onboarding. 

We can tailor courses to your unique requirements: 

Our bespoke solutions can incorporate: 

  • Pre-boarding. 
  • elearning. 
  • Bespoke content. 
  • Microlearning. 
  • Games and gamification. 
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality. 
  • Digital storytelling. 
  • Social campaigns. 
  • Interactive video. 
  • Interactive 3D animation. 
  • Quizzes. 
  • On-the-job support. 

Explore bespoke digital learning.

Time pressure.

Team leaders cannot always find time to teach new starters the basics – but engaging, memorable digital learning can get them up to speed fast.

Information overload. 

In the first week of a new job, employees can be swamped by new information. Focused induction training can mitigate this and create a more positive experience.

Inaccurate messaging.

When different managers instruct new starters, messaging may become inconsistent. Digital induction training can help provide a more uniform approach.

Senior team participation.

Senior leaders generally have few opportunities to meet new starters, but messaging from the senior team can be effectively built into our training solutions.

Managing a multi-touchpoint
onboarding experience.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, Sponge’s cloud-based LMS provides an intuitive user experience and enables rich, instant monitoring of learning performance. With advanced storage and analytics tools to gain deeper understanding – and features like Facial Recognition and Digital Signatures to make management easier – Spark, the Sponge LMS is a one-click way to improve every part of your learning ecosystem.

Want to know more?

We’d love to hear from you with any questions about our onboarding training.

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