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LMS for
compliance training.

In the world of compliance, the road never ends—it's a continuous effort. Compliance leaders understand that staying compliant requires attention, real-time insight, and rapid deployments of both proactive and just-in-time solutions.

While no technology can solve this for you, what the right tech can do is remove a lot of the manual effort required. Spark, the Sponge LMS, automates the heavy administrative load to a high standard that you can trust to let run. Then, it surfaces the key data so your compliance function can shift from a maintenance centre to a strategic one, identifying and pre-empting risk, and deploying the right solutions to the right people.

A dynamic LMS

Optimised for
compliance management.

Spark is perfect for organisations that struggle with complex org structures: particularly those where different processes apply to different divisions or audiences.

Unlike many of the dominant LMS brands out there, Spark is designed to configure to the way your org works - rather than force its processes upon you. Be it hierarchical vs flat structures, multiple brands, non-employee audiences, or specific legislative requirements, Spark configures to all the idiosyncrasies of modern businesses.

Consolidate your tech stack.

Spark’s dynamism means it is ready for the future and can flex no matter how your organisation evolves.

Accredited content library.

Spark allows access to a full suite of RoSPA accredited Health and Safety training courses, mental health and diversity and inclusion content, and a library of 400+ soft skills.

Never goes down.

Never is our vision. 99.99% uptime is the reality. Your learners will have access to the training they need to do their job safely and legally at all times.

Compliance at your fingertips

Risk mitigation
in the flow of work.

With a focus on real-time agility, we have the tools to provide you with solutions to plug a compliance gap, rapidly and cost-effectively. Sponge boasts an extensive modular compliance library with 150+ courses, co-developed with experts and top brands. We offer continuous updates for traditional subjects like Anti-Bribery and Corruption and respond swiftly to emerging topics like AI and Deep Fakes.

Unexpected enjoyment creates
that first unforgettable touchpoint.

Compliance is usually one of the very first touchpoints for new employees, and yet it's incredibly rare that it's a positive one. But at Sponge, we've made a business out of subverting this expectation. When you're not worrying about the basics, you can focus on how to turn 'Day 1 Compliance' into a reputation builder, and our Learning Strategists and Experience Designers are the industry's very best at this.

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