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LMS for

With Spark, the Sponge LMS, onboarding becomes a seamless and dynamic process, tailored to your evolving needs. We prioritise agility, ensuring that your onboarding experience is not only efficient but also adaptable to the ever-changing landscape of your organisation.

An agile LMS

your onboarding.

Even for complex org structures, featuring distinct brands or audiences like contractors and partners, Spark can be readily configured to the way you do things, with rule-based automation for onboarding. No matter how many idiosyncrasies your org structure may have (now, or in the future), Spark will flex to reflect it, and has guide rails that ensure the rules shaping your automated workflows are set up to be rock solid.

All this can integrate directly with your existing HR systems, triggering relevant media, content, and documentation for specific groups to alleviate the admin burden that usually overloads your teams.

Swift engagement.

At Spark, we believe in hitting the ground running. Our team is ready to engage with you rapidly, understanding your unique requirements from day one.

Partners through setup.

We know there is nervousness in committing to a new platform and see it as our responsibility to ease that burden. With Spark, you can expect a partnership throughout setup so you’re not shouldering integration or launch processes alone.

Robust testing.

We leave nothing to chance. Your platform undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it functions precisely as you expect, right from the start.

That first,
unforgettable touchpoint.

When the tech is taking care of the admin load, you can focus on how to turn your onboarding into a powerful reputation builder. Our Learning Strategists and Experience Designers are the industry's very best, with over 60+ industry awards and accolades. By applying learning science, art, and a little magic, we've wowed clients with iconic onboarding for dozens of Fortune 500 brands and can't wait to help you realise your own EVP ambitions.

from up-time to reporting.

We specialise in supporting businesses where poor compliance would stop workers doing their jobs and thus directly impacts the bottom line. Because of this, we know reliability is unglamorous but utterly essential: from our 99.99% up-time rate, to robust data security, and watertight reporting, it’s always the top priority.

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