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Platform overview

To help you take control of your training, Sponge's cutting-edge learning management platform is designed to make learning easy and drive behavioural change.

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LMS for
manufacturing and industry.

With Spark, the Sponge LMS, you can provide learning solutions that reduce risk, reach 'no-desktop' learners, and support a happy, healthy workforce with ease.

From health and safety training for blue-collar and on-site workers, to risk management in high-consequence industries, supporting mental health, and implementing improved sustainability practices, Spark is designed to help you adapt your learning solutions to your company-wide strategic priorities. 

Compliance and safety
enabled by Spark.

With a focus on real-time agility, we have the tools to provide you with immediate, just-in-time solutions to plug a compliance or health and safety gap, rapidly and cost-effectively. 

With Spark, you can access a full suite of RoSPA accredited Health and Safety training courses, mental health and diversity and inclusion content, and a library of 400+ soft skills to support behaviour change key to compliance management such as conflict management, getting people to listen, and situational leadership. Spark helps to keep your site safe and your people happy by making safety, compliance, and skills training simple. 

Streamlined and simple

Spark gets the fundamentals right.

99.99% uptime.

“Never" is the vision. 99.99% uptime is our reality, ensuring your employees can stay on top of changes to compliance and safety regulations whenever they’re on site.

Integrates for automation.

No LMS should exist as an island. Spark will connect into your existing HR platform, so joiners and leavers are updated, the right training is assigned, and internal movers get the right training – all automatically.

No more content overwhelm.

Learners get focused, time-sensitive deployments of targeted learning, along with a simple view of the mandatory training and documentation they need to complete.

Another step towards data maturity.

Spark’s data dashboard is simple to read yet provides deep insight to help you analyse performance.
Learner analytics, not rocket science


With Spark, you can see your established Key Performance Indicators at a 10,000-foot view and delve deeply to access deeper insights. Understand how your people are engaging, from their experience of onboarding, to struggles with compliance, and career conversations with managers. Spark puts you in a seat where you can observe, analyse, and respond. 

And our consultants are there to help you with this every step of the way.

Complex solutions
made simple.

Discover learning solutions with a dynamic LMS that configures to your organisation’s unique needs.

Discover how Spark helps you to deliver unforgettable onboarding and make data-driven decisions across workforces of 10,000+.

Spark is the LMS that gives your site workers compliance in their pocket, and goes hand-in-hand with RoSPA accredited Health and Safety courses, mental health and diversity content, and a library of 400+ soft skills modules.

Spark’s dynamic configuration will map to your org structure, no matter how complex, and consolidate your processes so you can surface a single view of data and insights across multiple divisions, take rapid action, reduce tech bloat, and create cost efficiencies.

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