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To help you take control of your training, Sponge's cutting-edge learning management platform is designed to make learning easy and drive behavioural change.

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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership Series Elearning and Talent Management Strategies

Elearning and talent management strategies There are many new practices that the digital era has ushered in. In fact there are many challenges to traditional…

Thought Leadership Series What is unconscious bias in elearning?

What is unconscious bias in elearning? Before we delve into this quite difficult subject, it’s perhaps best to define some key terms.

Thought Leadership Series Why choose custom elearning?

Elearning is a valid and increasingly utilised practice that can help a business train its staff in a cost effective and engaging manner.

Thought Leadership Series Develop an engaging elearning platform

Elearning is a practice being adopted by many businesses as it lets that business communicate and train its staff on platforms that they’re comfortable with. It means that a business can increase knowledge retention, productivity, and decrease traditional person-to-person training costs.

Thought Leadership Series Why Your Sales Staff Need Elearning

Why your sales staff need elearning It doesn't really matter what your business is or even what it does. When it comes to elearning practices any business will…

Thought Leadership Series How to implement an elearning platform

How to implement an elearning platform Why use elearning? As workforces become increasingly agile there’s a demand for workers that can learn on the job and…