Bespoke Content Development for Blended Learning

Blended learning, or creating learning blends, is an approach to learning design that combines different modalities into one learning experience design, providing learners with multiple ways to interact with learning concepts, deepening their knowledge and retention over time.

A blended approach to learning is highly effective for knowledge acquisition, memory retention and transferring into practical situations. Blended learning approaches can include digital learning, video, face-to-face sessions or webinars, practice work and coaching support.

The benefits of blended learning include:

  • Strategic use of face-to-face sessions
  • Ability for two-way learning with input and feedback from an expert
  • Increased flexibility for learners to self-pace their learning
  • Learners can revisit materials over time and at point of need
  • Support learners in the flow of work

Considerations for a successful learning blend

Creating blended learning involves a consultative approach to curate the optimum experience for the course. Whether it’s for leadership, management, digital transformation, reimagining a curriculum or academy, when creating effective learning blends, we consider:

  • Your technical ecosystem
  • Opportunities for social learning and peer support
  • Structured feedback and coaching
  • Content mix – videos, elearning, face-to-face sessions
  • Complimentary skills – what can we do and what can you do
  • Work context and performance support

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