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for high-demand skills

Learning and Development is an ever-changing world. The skills that were relevant yesterday aren’t always the skills that will be relevant tomorrow. Staying one step ahead requires agility and speed that doesn’t compromise on quality.

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Upskill your people for the future.

In our busy working lives, we rarely get the opportunity to set aside time for professional development. That’s where Skill Pills come in. Using self-directed skill pathways created for your organisation, your learners can channel their energy into upskilling in the moment of need.

Our Learning Experience Consultants can help you deep-dive into the specific needs of your workforce and develop a curated course of learning to suit your people needs.

Skill Pills DNA.

Digital upskilling. Upskilling is essential for the future of work and a top priority for nearly 60% of L&D professionals. Skill Pills provide universal digital upskilling with a focus on the core soft skills your organisationneeds to succeed. Our principle-led approach to hot topics ensures relevant, timely learning for employees across different sectors, locations and levels of experience.

Let’s face it, in our busy working lives we rarelyget the opportunity to set aside time for professional development. That’s why Skill Pills offer support with learning in the flow of work. Using self-directed skill pathways created for your organisation, your learners can direct their energy into learning when they need it, providing meaningful, personalised opportunities to upskill in the moment of need.

Our micro, video-centred approach to learning ensures every minute your learners spend learning is a sound investment. Informed by learning science and upskilling strategies, we use a simple yet highly effective approach to engaging your learners, building their knowledge and ensuring new information is consolidated for real-world application.


Step one: Navigate.

Learning needs depend on the learner’s organisation, job role, professional experience and learning moment. We provide carefully curated Skills Pathways for your organisation; a learner can simply look for a learner pathway and jump right in.

  • Curated Skills Pathways.
  • Tailored to your organisation.
  • Clear learning outcomes.

400+ top-of-the-range microlearning courses.

Our Skills Library of 400+ microlearning courses is organised into a framework of over 30 skills that every organisation needs to perform, including Communication, Digital Transformation and Diversity and Inclusion.

Your time comes at a premium, so we focus on actions and outcomes. We maximise organisation impact to fill the skills gaps of today and tomorrow.

Quality is our value proposition. Reports fromMcKinsey, Deloitte and others have shaped our Skill Pills Library, and all our content is derived from business bestsellers. Supported by the knowledge, driven by the methods and committed to our clients, we are dedicated to delivering impactful learning.

Our content is derived from:

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The future of upskilling is here.

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Language provision.

Our content is enjoyed by a global audience in over 160 countries. So far, we have subtitled courses into over 30 languages, and have produced over 600 animated videos in localised languages.

We believe in our ability to meet any language needs with either localised or subtitled content.

Explore how Skill Pills can work for your organisation.

Our Learning Experience Consultants can work with you to deep-dive into your current skill gaps and curate a tailored collection of courses to close those gaps. Let’s talk microlearning.

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