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10 exciting examples of elearning creativity


As human beings we’re natural magpies, collecting ideas that catch our eye. In fact, we need to search out things that inspire us, so we can learn from them and move forward in our own organisations. One tried and tested way to innovate is to study some great examples and borrow new ideas. We’ve compiled a list of 10 real life elearning projects, created by Sponge for global companies, to spark creativity in your next learning programme.    

1. AXA’s customer service learning campaign

This multi award-winning blended learning campaign combined bite-size elearning modules, an online learning game, team activities and on-the-job coaching to achieve amazing impact. The aim was to embed a ‘customer first’ culture at the main contact centre for AXA Business Insurance and increase the confidence of advisors to use techniques to personalise conversations and boost customer service. The results were directly measurable through direct customer feedback on an independent customer review website, generating massive improvements in the months following the campaign. 113% increase in positive feedback.

113% increase in positive feedback.

2. Simulation game for new hires at GSK

This exciting project was custom designed for GSK Vaccines to run as part of a global onboarding event. The aim was to introduce new hires to the business structure and understand how the activities and decisions in one part of the organisation impact another. The simulation game is an innovative mix of live role play and digital elearning elements including news-style videos and an online player dashboard. For players, it’s a highly absorbing experience that they enjoy while deepening their understanding of strategic decision-making and business structure.

100% of participants enjoyed the experience.

3. Interactive video onboarding at Toyota

New hires at Toyota Motor Europe used to spend a whole day watching individual presentations from each business department, but as well as taking a long time, this approach made it difficult to show how functions worked together. Sponge partnered with Toyota to create an interactive video onboarding tour where new starters could see the customer value chain from beginning to end. Quizzes and videos are embedded in the video for learners to uncover as they explore.

Full day condensed to 1hr.

4. Tesco’s global compliance campaign 

Learning Leap is an annual mandatory compliance campaign that Sponge creates for Tesco to ensure that employees around the world are up to date on the strict regulations governing the grocery industry. With such a large global workforce, it’s important to keep up momentum and engagement so every team is compliant on time. Learning Leap combines mini elearning modules with a gamified leader board to drive participation. The campaign is reinforced with microlearning quizzes to refresh and remind learners at regular intervals. 

98% completion rate in 2016.

5. Embedding ethics at AstraZeneca

Is it possible to turn mandatory compliance training into a highly engaging, ‘want to do’ activity? This was the core challenge that AstraZeneca set out to tackle with its 2018 Code of Ethics programme. Working with Sponge, the biopharmaceutical company started by listening to its employees about what had (and hadn’t) worked in the past and used an employee-led focus group to feedback on the content throughout. By including strong multimedia elements, layers of interactivity and storytelling techniques the elearning course, supported by pre and post campaign activities, exceed all training targets.

90% of learners felt very/extremely engaged (survey of 2,226).

6. Onboarding global teams at Specsavers

Specsavers, the world’s largest privately owned optical and hearing company, worked with Sponge to move its onboarding online for the first time. The new digital induction includes some innovative elements that set it apart from a standard elearning module. Learners can explore Specsavers’ global operations via an interactive 3D globe; they collect ‘virtual coins’ as they learn which they turn into a real world charitable donation at the end; and new hires can access the module before they start work, bringing in a pre-boarding element to the company for the first time.

71% of new hires surveyed voluntarily started onboarding before day one.

7. VR dog safety awareness at Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the UK’s pre-eminent delivery company, delivering letters and parcels to over 30 million addresses across the UK. With an average of 44 dog attacks each week on postal workers, the company is committed to tackling the hazard. In partnership with Sponge, Royal Mail has been trialling the use of virtual reality (VR) to raise awareness and reinforce safety messages around the risk of dog attacks. Postal workers can access the experience via a headset or on a computer as an interactive 360° video.

See the video of Shaun Quirk, postman, talking about Royal Mail's dog safety VR.  

8. Empowering Coca- Cola’s brand ambassadors

Gamification is at the heart of this unique elearning module that seeks to empower everyone working at Coco-Cola European Partners to act as brand ambassadors when talking about the company to their family and friends. The elearning includes quiz elements and conversation scenarios; learners earn hearts for correct answers with high scores added to a European leader board to drive participation and friendly rivalry between regions. The number of hearts per nation is converted into a charitable donation.

Completed across 10 countries.

9. Creating confident communicators at the UN

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has 3,000 employees working in 150 countries, making it challenging to ensure everyone talks consistently about the organisation’s aims and impacts. Using memorable animated characters, engaging videos and authentic role-play scenarios, this elearning course supports aid workers around the world to communicate with clarity and confidence.

99% of learners surveyed reported increased confidence.

10. Preparing students for university with games 

Adjusting to university life isn’t easy, so University of Greenwich in London wanted to provide ‘fresher’ students with elearning resource to cover some key areas of information and concern. Sponge took on the challenge by creating the Independent Learners’ Toolkit that combines elearning elements with gamified challenges. Players explore an interactive map of a campus where they can dip in and out of game challenges. 

It’s a free, open access resource.

We hope these all of these 10 elearning video examples spur you on to add greater creativity and innovation in your next elearning project. 

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