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3 ways to boost business by sharing knowledge via your LMS


The role of your LMS just got bigger. No longer is it simply a tool for delivering learning and knowledge to your internal employees.  A scalable LMS is now a key asset in improving knowledge among partners, members and customers.

Untapping the wider potential of your LMS by using it to reach new audiences will, according to industry experts, give your organisation a competitive edge by extending knowledge of and loyalty to your brand. The aim is to change people’s behaviours in a way that positively impacts your business.

Organisations that have pioneered extended enterprise (EE) learning by offering training to external audiences, are already benefiting.

Read on to discover three ways that businesses are using EE learning to share knowledge and achieve their goals.

Learning for partners - Datto

Datto protects essential business data for tens of thousands of businesses around the world. Its challenge was to effectively share knowledge about the company’s products, its differentiators, and the market at large not just company-wide, but also to its reseller network.

This was particularly critical because the company primarily sells its solutions through channel partners. These partners needed product knowledge and sales skills so they could describe and demonstrate solutions and resolve technical support ‘tickets’ efficiently.

Their training needs were different to internal staff. The answer to this challenge was to have a user-friendly LMS that met the needs of both learning audiences.

So far, the ‘Datto Academy’ for partners has reached 18,000 users.  Results include better and faster ‘ticket’ resolutions, impacting customer service. Meanwhile, the ‘Datto Graduate School’ training for internal staff is delivered on the same LMS, providing them with the targeted company awareness learning they need.

Learning for members - APCHQ

APCHQ (Association des professionnels de la construction et de l’habitation du Quebec) is a Canadian organisation that provides services to Quebec’s construction industry. Its 14 regional offices serve more than 17,000 businesses, including contractors, suppliers, and associates. Training and development is a primary part of the organisation’s activities.

The challenge was to offer all the various training from the same tool. The tool had to be easy to use and visually appealing for an audience with differing abilities.

The company wanted classroom courses that could be managed separately by each of the 14 offices, in response to local learning needs. But it also wanted the company’s main office to manage a central catalogue of all elearning courses and webinars.

APCHQ was able to move away from a manual approach to one powered by Docebo LMS by placing all training information on the same platform, together with an ecommerce facility. Members could access the training options in their local region and sign up and pay for it – whether it was an instructor-led training course locally or elearning purchased from head office.

To date, 50% of training enrolment has switched to the platform regionally, and 85% at head office, resulting in saved time for APCHQ staff, and a better service for members.

Learning for customers - Appian

Appian is a global market leader in modern Business Process Management and Case Management software. The company’s software has millions of deployed users and a growing workforce to support this highly skilled client base.

The challenge was to provide training for its employees and customers.  The solution was an extended LMS, using Docebo.

The Appian LMS offers blended learning for customers, with the option for them to subscribe to additional online coaching. It has also allowed the company to update the training for its own sales employees, moving away from traditional courses, to embedding a culture of self-directed learning and content that’s “more direct, short, and frequent”.

"A scalable LMS is now a key asset in improving knowledge among partners, members and customers."

Why it’s a win-win

The thread linking all of these examples is that while successfully extending knowledge to external audiences, an ‘all-in-one’ LMS has empowered internal employees, too.  It has offered them more updated learning and, in the case of APCHQ, the greater efficiency has freed up all-important time.

More and more organisations are discovering how to add value to their business by extending the reach of their LMS beyond internal training.  These forward-thinking companies are rethinking learning and knowledge and turning it into a strategic tool for growth and profitability.