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5 Reasons why your employees need better training


Employee development is crucial for the success of every business. Yet it’s often an investment that is overlooked or considered to be a lower priority than other areas of the business. 

We’ve already shown that a lack of development or career progression can help fuel employee exits. And now, we have some new statistics which reveal that both employees and consumers want businesses to provide their staff with better training. 

A survey* conducted on behalf of Sponge unveiled some surprising stats about training needs within a variety of industries. Here are five reasons why employers should invest their resources into employee training and development:

1. 41% of employees believe that better training would increase their performance

Almost half of all employees want to improve their skills so that they can do their jobs more efficiently, which will improve the overall performance of the company. 

2. 36% of employees want more training

Ultimately, employees value job opportunities that will offer future scope for their own professional development. 

3. 52% of employees want training to be delivered online 

The majority of the workforce is comfortable with technology and employees understand the benefits of online delivery such as anytime, anywhere training. 

4. 15% of employees who want online training would be willing to do this from home

Employees who wish to further their own potential would be happy to fuel their development by spending their own time on online training. 

5. 71% of customers felt that businesses did not offer excellent levels of customer service

Customers were interviewed about their experiences with a variety of different businesses, and a considerable majority felt that staff were not able to deliver excellent customer service – a factor that can be drastically improved with online training. 

By providing training that offers employee learning and development, businesses gain a competitive advantage for a variety of reasons. The end result is a knowledgeable and efficient team which has a vested interest and loyalty towards the company that they work for. Not to mention a satisfied customer base who benefit from the expertise and skill provided by well-trained employees. 

*Conducted by Fizz Enterprises on behalf of Sponge

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