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Home / Resources / LT22 Seminar: How to progress on the data maturity scale.

LT22 Seminar: How to progress on the data maturity scale.


In this presentation, filmed at Learning Technologies 2022, Sponge’s Head of Product Innovation Zach Romain discusses the four-stage data maturity model, and the six steps for progressing an organisation along the data maturity scale.

Data plays a vital role in any L&D initiative, but in 2022 it is vitally important to look beyond basic completion rates. Rather than simply ‘data aware’, an organisation should be ‘data driven’ and ensure that high-quality analytics are a fundamental part of their DNA.

Building on over 15 years’ experience in technology and digital learning, Zach discusses what is meant by data maturity, why different organisations are at different stages of data maturity, and how data maturity can be developed. Zach also showcases the cutting-edge Sponge Analytics platform that gives a data-focused snapshot of a learning intervention.

Watch the full presentation on the data maturity scale below.