Effective Sales Skills and Product Knowledge Elearning

Consumers are increasingly savvy. They know more than ever about a product before they buy it, especially due to easy and convenient access to information through a variety of platforms that can be acquired on-the-go.

To exceed customers’ knowledge and be prepared for all kinds of interactions, sales teams need to be fully versed in the products they're selling and learning needs to be rapid and thorough. As salespeople traditionally take a while to get fully up to speed, typically between six and seven months on average, making your product knowledge and sales training as efficient and effective as possible is key to attaining a fully skilled workforce.

This is especially true for salespeople in different regions and countries around the world. If your sales teams aren’t learning at the same speed and the same level, it will result in inconsistent messages and poor cross-team communication.

Bespoke product knowledge and sales training for maximising engagement

At Sponge, we use the most effective digital learning strategies and techniques. We create customised training that maximises engagement and information retention, delivered at speed so that your teams can be fully equipped to deliver an optimal service to your customers in the quickest time possible.

Bespoke digital learning courses we can deliver include:

  • Sales onboarding and induction
  • Product onboarding
  • Product knowledge training
  • Just-in-time online learning
  • Sales planning and forecasting
  • Finance skills for salespeople
  • Commercial essentials
  • Customer experience
  • Customer service
  • Vulnerable customers

Just-in-time elearning

To allow your sales staff to compete with instant access to the latest trends and news in their field, we can create ‘just-in-time’ elearning.

This method concentrates on featuring only the information that’s needed and makes it easy to access and absorb. Short, highly targeted bursts are an optimal way of consuming information, especially for salespeople who are always on the go and rely on handy information that’s readily available.

For quick and easy deployment regardless of how much your teams are spread out, our modern effective digital elearning programs can be built to sit on any LMS and accessed on any device. And if you don’t have an LMS, our Spark learning platform can be used for your employees, contractors and your channel partners.


Using blended elearning for sales and product knowledge training

Some elements of inductions and knowledge sharing are best delivered in person, but that’s not always possible, especially in the current climate. That’s why a flexible, blended strategy – comprising as much or as little in-person contact as you need – can be the best way to make sure your new employees get off to a strong start and can continue to learn as they progress.

With our bespoke product knowledge and sales training programmes, content can be created from scratch and localised for your different units if your sales teams are spread far and wide. And with our professional translation services, no part of your organisation will ever be overlooked or left behind.

Of course, sales and product knowledge training is an ongoing requirement, so with our dynamic elearning modules, materials and programmes, you can easily update content, ensuring your teams have the most current information for making an impression on buyers.

At Sponge, we take the time to fully understand the needs of your organisation before we start creating your bespoke learning content. By having in-depth knowledge of how your business and teams operate best, we’re able to customise an approach that perfectly complements the way you work – ensuring that the training seamlessly integrates with your progression and goals.

Senior Digital Learning Partner, AXA UK

Tom Bailey

"We’ve seen instant impact in the way we deal with our business customers since the launch of the training programme. For our staff, it has been a highly motivating and enjoyable experience."

Sales and product knowledge.

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