Transition Your Face-to-Face Training to Online Learning

Recent events have accelerated what many organisations were already striving to do: transition their face-to-face training into an online format.

In particular, companies that have rapidly shifted a significant proportion of their audience to home working are now tackling important training questions such as, "how do we onboard new hires successfully in an entirely digital space?"

Covid-19 has upended the way we train. Leadership courses, onboarding, slick product launches and hands-on skills training have been put on pause, and remote working has become the norm rather than the exception for many roles.

Virtual and digital alternatives offer solutions

Innovative experiences are emerging – from social VR to meet and greet new hires, to virtual buddy systems and digital icebreakers. There’s greater emphasis on the whole experience – not only learning content, but how people connect with one another to build productive relationships.

Transitioning at scale

If you have an existing face to face training programme you want to optimise and take online, talk to us. We take a holistic approach, considering how best to transition content, design testing and build social connections for memorable, consistent learning at scale.

Take your face-to-face training online.

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