Bespoke Performance Support Development - Learning in the Flow of Work

Performance support, job aids and sidekicks assist people at the point of applying or using knowledge. They aid decision making, improve accuracy of application, cut time to carry out tasks and reduce scope for mistakes.

Reducing mistakes with performance support

The last time you sent an email to someone outside your workplace, were you notified by Outlook that ‘this person is outside your organisation’? This is one example of performance support – a small behavioural nudge to help reduce the mistake of sending mail to the wrong recipient.

Performance support plays an important role in holistic learning design, complementing elearning, and integrating within an LMS ecosystem. We deliver bespoke performance support development by taking a consultative approach. We dig deep to understand the audience flow of work, identifying the opportunity at the moment of need, and clarifying the business risks – time, money, reputation – if mistakes are made.

Performance support included in blended design

Bespoke performance support development is often an aspect of a blended learning experience design and can be a cost-effective solution. We can assist with digital tools for supporting people before, during and after application of skills, knowledge and behaviours.

Examples include checklists, pocket guides, digital reference tools, quick-reference instructions, wall-posters, tools for system instructions, chatbots and apps. The aim of all these tools is to keep the learning front of mind, in the workflow and present for when learners need it.

Complement training with performance support.

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