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    Understanding Gamification

    Gamification is a buzzword that has been bouncing around the world of e-learning for a little while now, but does it have any merit?

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    The 6 e’s of elearning – Part 2

    The 6 e’s of elearning – Part 2 Instructional Designer, Brayley Pearce takes us through the final three e's of elearning.Part 1 took us through the first 3…

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    The 6 e's of elearning - Part 1

    The 6 e's of elearning - Part 1 In Part 1, Instructional Designer, Brayley Pearce takes us through engagement, emotion and empowerment in elearning.Be guided…

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    Winning hearts and minds

    Winning hearts and minds How to get key stakeholders involved in your elearning projectStakeholder engagement is important for any business initiative and that…

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    Why e-Learning Shouldn't Be Easy

    There are lots of criteria that training should meet in order to be effective, but should being 'easy' or 'effortless' be one of them? In this article we talk about how Hocus Pocus Learning, lightning and baby otters can guide us in our never-ending quest to produce quality courses.

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    5 ways to evoke emotions in elearning

    5 ways to evoke emotions in elearning “I feel, therefore I am.”This could be the modern day rewrite of Descartes famous quote, given what we now know about…

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    50 Quick Fire Elearning Tips

    50 Quick Fire Elearning Tips We’re sharing 50 quick fire elearning tips aimed at helping to make elearning the best it can be. Whether you’re new to the…

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    A History of Ideas

    A History of Ideas - Can the BBC’s new landmark series offer inspiration for elearning?

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    Completion culture

    Completion culture Ideas for boosting completion rates for compliance elearning. How many compliance officers does it take to change a light-bulb?

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    Applying chunking to elearning

    Applying chunking to elearning Implementing an elearning initiative takes, time, careful planning, and great content. But simply having all of those elements…

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    Is a picture worth a thousand words?

    The last few years have seen infographics become an internet phenomenon. Using images in learning content is nothing new, yet data-centric infographics became the latest must-have graphical tool for every business.

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    Benefits of 'chunking' - Part 2

    Benefits of 'chunking' - Part 2 Earlier this week, we posted about one of the benefits of ‘chunking’ - breaking down elearning into bitesize pieces. But of…

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    Benefits of 'chunking' - Part 1

    Benefits of 'chunking' - Part 1 Following our seminar at Learning Technologies last month, we've had quite a few people asking us about ‘chunking’ -…

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    5 Best Practices for Knowledge Retention

    The majority of the challenges we face – whether these are at work or within education – are based around gaps in skills, knowledge retention and training. But how do we store, interpret and use information?