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If your company is committed to an LMS that no longer meets your needs for in-depth analytics and reporting, Sponge may have the solution for you. With an Application Program Interface (API), Sponge’s LMS can integrate with your existing system, adding much of its advanced functionality to improve performance and provide insights. In simple terms, an API allows you to enjoy the distinctive benefits of Sponge LMS while retaining your existing system.

If you are facing technical obstacles with your LMS, please let us know: we can work with your team to solve these problems and make the integration process painless.

API integration boosts
every part of your business.

API integration means employees need just one login for all their platforms, and can be added or removed automatically via integration with HR / payroll.

Start the process.

Load in users automatically, provide a single sign-on, and allocate training with just a few clicks.

Reduce admin.

Automate LMS tasks and create links to payment gateways.

Track usage.

Integrate with a learning record store to track and connect analytics.

Connect up.

Pull data from your existing LMS for more visualisations.

Take control
of your company’s learning.

If you need better reporting on your learning programmes but don’t want to change your LMS, our Learning Performance Platform could be the analytics tool you need.

Using the functionality built into Sponge’s learning programmes, the Learning Performance Platform is able to study data from users and transform it into digestible, quick-look insights. The richness of data collected enables a particularly detailed analysis of learning behaviours – so you can investigate how your programmes are working and where you need to iterate.

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