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Sponge LMS

With a range of cutting-edge features, our cloud-based LMS allows you to deploy, manage, and monitor all learning experiences from one digital platform.

With administrative features such as facial recognition, digital signatures, and performance reviews, you can automate tasks to make learning management and record storage even more efficient. Gamification readiness, webinars, and surveys all provide ways to enrich the learner experience, create measurable business benefits, and vastly improve your learning culture.

Gamification ready

Learning games to increase engagement.

When it comes to learning, educational games aren’t just for fun – they’re also an effective way to onboard new employees, increase engagement, provide a safe space for practice, and reinforce knowledge.

  • Change behaviours through gamified learning.
  • Stimulate collaboration and innovation.
  • Enhance learning with game scores, levels, achievements, feedback, and time pressure.
  • Use off-the-shelf games or bespoke modules.

to help managers.

Sponge LMS makes collecting paper signatures a thing of the past. Get signatures in minutes, improve your HR function, and avoid inefficient and time-consuming document storage.

We now have a system that works for all of our employees as their only learning platform and I continue to receive great feedback from them all about how user-friendly it is, how it's compatible with any device, and looks modern and great too.

Jaz Sandhu Learning & Development Manager, JJ Food Service

Optimised for
compliance management.

Spark, the Sponge LMS, was designed with compliance at the heart of what it is intended to deliver for a user experience. The platform has a compliance section that allows for rules and plans to be instituted to cover all ranges of learning activities. With features that support both online and offline activity, Spark gives you a user friendly tool that's designed to reduce risk.

Spark, the Sponge LMS, allows you to access an instant snapshot of progress against learning activities, as well as areas where non-compliance is located. Within seconds, see what's working, where the gaps are, and where people risk is leaving you exposed, through a RAG status that can be evaluated at any level of your organisation, from business unit, to a team or even an individual level.

Our LMS platform allows for individual compliance rules or proficiencies to be created to cater for specific job functions, org units, or teams. We have a fully integrated set of permissions that allow managers and admins of the platform to view direct reports and evaluate skills gaps among direct reports.

In sectors where non-compliance is high-risk, external bodies often require evidence that employee training has taken place. Spark stores and presents this information in a cohesive, accessible, easy-to-understand way.

Access quality curated content
with Sponge.

With Sponge you have access to some of the best ready-made skills content available. At your request, our LMS can come populated with Sponge’s celebrated Skill Pills library of professional development and upskilling content – available for your learners to dip into anytime.

Each Skill Pill is an entire learning ecosystem. Centred around micro-learning videos, Skill Pills can adapt the surrounding content to learners’ engagement and performance. Curated learning pathways help learners move up the levels of mastery within a particular skill, ensuring progress with a gradual approach.

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