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Anti-Bribery Sorted is an applied game that helps organisations combat corruption by training employees about compliance with anti-bribery legislation.

Familiarising people with anti-bribery legislation is the best way to mitigate bribery, so learners can confidently recognise good practice and work to actively prevent bribery if a high-risk situation occurs. Anti-Bribery Sorted is designed to bethought-provoking and engaging, in order to embed desired behaviours in your workforce. This training game upskills your people and empowers them to recognise and prevent bribery in your organisation.

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How does Anti-Bribery Sorted work?

Learners are tasked with scenarios where they must identify potential high-risk circumstances that could lead to bribery, what bribery looks like and how to avoid and prevent it. The game:

  • Engages learners in real-world scenarios 
  • Is easy to play with familiar app mechanics
  • Rewards and feedback offer learning points
  • Encourages applied decision making 
  • Reliable compliance in a fun experience

game features:

Real-world, scenario-based questions for immediate workplace application

  • 140+ question bank
  • Training level to assist quick user adoption
  • Free-play level with high scores
  • Level-based gameplay
  • SCORM trackable progress
  • Rapid implementation
  • Average play time 25-30 minutes

Anti-Bribery game
learning outcomes:

By the end of the experience learners will be able to identify:

  • What constitutes requesting, agreeing to receive, or accepting a bribe
  • How to refuse a bribe
  • What constitutes offering, promising or giving a bribe
  • How to avoid a bribe
  • Potential high-risk circumstances for bribery
  • Suitable measures to prevent bribery and why this is so important

Anti-Bribery game
technical compatibility:

  • Fully SCORM 1.2 compliant
  • Desktop and mobile compatible
  • For desktop viewing (Windows 7-10 and Mac OS X): Internet Explorer 11; Microsoft Edge (latest); Firefox (latest); Google Chrome (latest); Safari (latest)
  • For mobile viewing (iOS and Android): Mobile Safari on iOS 10+; Google Chrome on Android OS 6+

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