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The way people learn with applied games is a perfect fit for business-critical compliance topics. Gamified training gives people “small wins”, releasing endorphins and boosting their confidence. At the same time, crucial knowledge is provided that helps them avoid pitfalls and can add directly to your bottom line. 

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Game-based learning.

The Sorted range.

Our 'Sorted' range of applied training games use game-based learning to quickly build knowledge, mastery and confidence. They are cost-effective and measurable workplace solutions that employees will love to play whilst growing the necessary skills. 

Engaging compliance games for your organisation.

Choose from these
applied games:

A fast-paced and engaging, applied game specifically designed to embed core GDPR principles across your organisation. 

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Organisation benefits.

Unforgettable learning.

Our Sorted games range brings the following benefits to your organisation:

  • High participation
  • Equipped for real world
  • High engagement
  • Risk-free compliance
  • Improved knowledge & awareness

Deliver a serious message in a fun way.

The Sorted range is accessible 24/7 through our gamified LMS, and the games are designed mobile-first and responsive, so they can be accessed from any device. They are also available as SCORM or Tin Can packages.

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