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Home / Resources / Crafting the workplace metaverse – exploring its potential.

Crafting the workplace metaverse – exploring its potential.


Join Kate Pasterfield, Liz Selman, and a panel of leading experts in the field of XR as they delve into the possibilities, pitfalls, and potential of the workplace metaverse.

What, if anything, does the metaverse hold for our workplaces? With the promise of embodied social interaction, immersed experiences, and persistent access, how might emergent Web3.0 technologies provide new opportunities for human connection, learning, and growth, at work? 

We explore this topic with guests from the world of XR, and consider: 

  • What qualities of the metaverse are appealing to the workplace? 
  • Is an 'intraverse' compatible with the idea of a decentralised metaverse? 
  • What limitations and risks should we be aware of? 
  • Who's already embracing the metaverse for work? 
  • How might organisations benefit?

View the live recording hosted by Learning Technologies.

View the recording in full screen.

Speaker panel.

Kate Pasterfield, Learning Strategy Consultant and Co-Founder of Sponge.

Liz Selman, Head of Learning Technology at Sponge.

Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder of ARuVR.

Sophie Costin, Head of Learning at Make Real.