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Emerging trends in L&D: Separating the 'buzz' from the buzzwords.


Every year Learning Technologies provides us with a jolt of excitement about what’s to come in the world of L&D. There are plenty of hot topics on everyone's radar, but what are the key trends to look out for? Catch up on our recent webinar where learning experts from Sponge sort the buzz from the buzzwords and pinpoint the growing trends that will help your organisation flourish.

Hear Sponge's learning experts from The Practice share their carefully curated insights from Learning Technologies Exhibition and Conference and pinpoint how you can cut through the noise and create learning with a lasting impact on your organisation.

From skills, tech and AI, to analytics and personalisation, this webinar aims to pull back the hood on L&D buzzwords and explore what emerging trends are set to make a difference. Boot up your laptop, sit back, and enjoy the interactive webinar as our experts discuss:

  • The emerging trends that are here to stay.
  • How we can use these trends to elevate our learners' experience.
  • And the steps organisations can take to effectively measure and iterate their learning offerings.
Insights report.

Emerging L&D Trends in 2023.

The Emerging L&D Trends Insights Report combines broad L&D industry insights, with a particular focus on three core emerging trends, observed by Sponge's learning experts, that are set to make an impact in 2023:

  • Aligning skills with key business metrics by using analytics to demonstrate ROI.
  • Using competencies to create personalised learner pathways that line up with your organisations goals.
  • Creating learning environments and cultures that feel inclusive to those that work out of office.

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Meet the experts from The Practice

Learn more about our speakers:

Nate Bannister is a Learning Strategist at Sponge; he specialises in learning strategy and solutions and consults with global businesses in tech, pharma, retail and manufacturing. During his five years in the industry, Nate has designed a digital replacement for the world’s most iconic onboarding experience and a learning campaign for the highest profile cybersecurity awareness programme.

Beth Chudley is a Learning Experience Consultant at Sponge, where she designs transformative learning experiences for global businesses. During her four years in the industry, Beth has delivered award-winning compliance experiences, vivid video storytelling to engage audiences with cybersecurity, and learning strategy for a global pharmaceutical business. She is particularly passionate about human-centred design and crafting solutions which have a long-lasting impact on learners.

Tom Griffiths is a Learning Experience Consultant at Sponge, with almost a decade of experience in L&D working with leading brands across the Tech and Retail sectors. He specialises in delivering human-centred learning, design thinking, and innovative solutions, creating long-lasting, meaningful value for our clients. Always willing to scrutinise systems, probe structures, experiment, and challenge convention, Tom excels in the grey areas others avoid. Tom seeks out creative partnerships and fosters a collaborative environment where he can encourage teams to thrive in times of rapid and unpredictable change.

Laura is a Learning Experience Consultant at Sponge with over 15 years’ experience in digital training design. She specialises in designing innovative, human-centred, creative solutions, backed up by learning science, that have a long-lasting impact on learners. She’s passionate about working closely with clients to define their overall needs and subsequent learning experiences, that make a real difference to their organisation.

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