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Coming soon: The Unforgettable Learning Podcast


Coming on June 7th to a streaming service near you, The Unforgettable Learning Podcast delves the minds of the brave and the bold of learning, creativity, and tech to find out what makes learning stay with you forever.


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Episode 1:

AR, “blank canvas creators”, and experiential learning at Snap Inc, 
with Stacey Long-Genovese.

Throughout a winding career path in training, Stacey Long-Genovese has found the common theme has been empowering people. At Snap Inc, where she’s Global Head of Education, Learning and Training, her mission is to build a world with more AR developers – and she’s pioneering the use of immersive tech to do it.

Stacey shares with us her passion for the possibilities that experiential and immersive learning solutions can bring us, asking us to imagine learning about astronomy where the stars fill the room, or geometry where we pull the corners of triangles to visually experience concepts that were once on paper.

This is what AR allows us to do and – for those who can navigate its unique combination of design, storytelling, computer science… and the rest – it’s opening up entirely new ways to learn at work.

Join host Kate Pasterfield as she converses with:

The people at the cutting edge of their field, pushing to find new and innovative ways to learn and grow.

The scientists and scholars breaking new ground in behavioral science and psychology to unpack what makes us tick.

Those at the frontiers of design, tech, and the arts, exploring unexpected and uncharted concepts, methods, and ways of thinking. 

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