Bespoke Ethics and Compliance Training for a Global Workforce

Compliance training, Code of Conduct and Ethics learning programs sit at the core of most learning initiatives in global organisations, especially when those enterprises and industries operate within strict legal and regulatory parameters, as is the case for, e.g., pharmaceutical, technology and financial sectors.

However, this type of training is often labelled by the workforce as 'relentless' and 'disengaging', thus opening up avenues of risk and alienating the most valuable resource - the people in the company. And it doesn't have to be that way at all - with innovative and highly engaging custom ethics and compliance training, the learners become the best advocates for compliance elearning.

Making compliance and ethics learning more enjoyable, flexible, and digestible

It’s what sets Sponge apart in the learning industry – our ability to make serious challenges, like an entire custom corporate compliance elearning program, engaging and immensely valuable. As an elearning compliance training group, Sponge encompasses European compliance via its Sponge Compliance arm, based in Berlin, and also has an alliance with Temple Grange Partners, who specialise in financial crime compliance.

And with a holistic approach – based on gaining deep understanding of your organisation and its complexities – we create a custom compliance elearning solution; the effect of our ongoing online ethics and compliance training programmes can reverberate throughout your organisation, benefitting everything from employee retention to customer service.

For many organisations, the scale and complexity required for achieving an effective custom compliance and ethics elearning program or a training campaign are the root problems. Rolling out compliance and ethics training to entire workforces usually ends up with too much reliance on ‘one size fits all’ approaches. There’s sometimes little thought for individual needs and expectations within a custom corporate compliance elearning program that needs to be rolled out to 1000+ employees.

At Sponge, we have experience of taking on the largest, most complicated ethics and compliance challenges – and overcoming them by delivering engaging, accessible and flexible custom corporate compliance elearning solution.


Compliance and ethics completely tailored to your organisation

From attaining true understanding of your workforce and your goals and challenges, we can expertly craft and design bespoke ethics and compliance elearning programmes that generate impactful results with tangible and measurable outcomes that you can feed back into the business.

Through our unique corporate compliance elearning consulting process we make sure the complex topics of workplace ethics and compliance training are easy to consume and accessible to all. Whether you want custom corporate compliance elearning modules, or specific EU compliance-related training, or financial crime and compliance elearning, we're here for you.

Extraordinary elearning experiences for compliance and ethics

Our strategies and methods include the use of learning games, immersive technologies and storytelling, to achieve maximum participation and engagement from your teams. And all of our programmes can be deployed anywhere in the world, and translated into multiple languages including Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Arabic, European languages, and many more.

As the ever-changing landscape of employee ethics and compliance training requires agility, and at times, rapid deployment, we support global brands by providing bespoke elearning solutions across all mandatory training requirements, including:

Plus, we also have a variety of 'ready-to-go' mandatory courses available too.

Director of Sustainability, Education and Engagement, AstraZeneca

Louise Vamvoukaki

"Working in partnership with Sponge, the Code of Ethics training has not only been a successful programme in its own right but has contributed to our learning culture company-wide."

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