Minimise Risk with Engaging Cybersecurity Training

Do you know what your first line of cybersecurity defence is?

Your staff.

The realisation is growing that as well as technological measures such as firewalls, anti-malware systems and virus detection, your employees are a key component of defence against cybercrime in the workplace. Cyber security training online for employees provides education about potential threats and makes sure they can deal with data securely is critical to reducing your risk of a breach.

Aside from the vital need that your staff receive proper cybersecurity training, a strong strategy is also required to address the risks posed from within organisations. More than a half of those are accidental or unintentional – employees making a costly error because they lack the knowledge, skills, awareness or confidence to protect the business.

Mitigate threats with bespoke cybersecurity online learning

If you are just rolling out cybersecurity training and it isn’t engaging your people, you could be putting your business at risk.

For people to take the right measures to protect your business, their cyber security training online needs to be interactive and appealing, and it should allow them space to practice so that they can make informed decisions and apply those safe behaviours in the real world. Cyber security education, training and awareness-raising are at their most effective, whether in cost or any other factor, when they are envisaged and deployed as online training.

Creating dynamic learning programmes for your cybersecurity needs

At Sponge, we specialise in the creation of bespoke learning programmes, and we have the capability to design cybersecurity training for global organisations.

Using carefully considered blended learning and the latest applied learning techniques – where people learn by taking part in virtual scenarios so that they can see the consequences of decisions made, we’re able to create powerful and retentive training that can be used by any member of your workforce, at any time – and with our translation services, this includes the workforce across the globe.

Moreover, our immersive learning programmes do more than simply teach your teams about their responsibilities in keeping the business secure, they also generate a buzz – get them talking and thinking about security on a regular basis. This is vital for learning retention and compels your employers to harness this interest in cyber security training online. In turn, the engagement generates a positive behaviour change.

For engaging and results-driven cybersecurity online training, the learning methods we incorporate include:

Building your human firewall with applied games

Sponge has extensive experience with cybersecurity learning, for organisations of all sizes. And one of the key techniques our specialists use is the application of gamification, or game-based learning.

By recreating or representing office-based scenarios in a fun and visually compelling way, learners are given the opportunity to experience real-world cyber threats alongside everyday low-risk situations. Now that’s a ‘serious’ situation that will get employees’ attention!

We also have an off-the-shelf game Cybersecurity Sorted!, an engaging and fun way to roll out online training to your people immediately.

CEO of BluescreenIT and UK Chairman of the Digital Policy Alliance’s Security Skills and Partnerships Council

Michael Dieroff

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