Assessment and Certification

With Spark LMS you can create assessments to challenge learners to demonstrate skills through practical application, or to test their understanding of theory with assignments, reports or essays. The Spark platform allows you to easily allocate assessments, set up access to collect submissions (e.g. hand in essays, or photos to act as physical proof of applied skills), establish a population to grade through our online grading tool and to generate personalised branded certificates including names, dates and photos.

Unprecedented flexibility of LMS assessments

It is possible to set up knowledge checks prior to commencing training, with the purpose of determining the learners’ expertise in each topic. This allows for personalisation of training according to individual capacities and capabilities. Providing learners with the opportunity to progress further when ready, while allowing those who need more development focus to have a chance to practice further to solidify knowledge.

Our assessment feature has been applied by organisations in the field, in classroom environments, or through self-paced independent study. Learners are provided with a touch point that provides feedback, drives accountability and ownership and is adaptable to the constraints of your organisation.

Face-to-face assessments stored on the LMS

If an assessment needs to be done face-to-face, Spark has a built-in webinar function, where a trainer and a trainee can meet face-to-face, at a time of their choosing, which eliminates the time necessary to travel.

A trainee can also record an answer to a particular question and then submit it via the system. This type of communication allows for coaching and mentoring over distance and can be booked via our event booking tool.

Learning Management System Certification

With Spark LMS, you can:

  • Create certificates for users as they complete courses
  • Customise the design to your own requirements
  • Automatically email them to the users
  • Send the certificates to the awarding body
  • Have them assign the award and return it back into the system
  • Or send the certificate directly to the trainee.

Certification stored in Learning Record Store

All the courses taken within Spark are eligible for Learning Management System Certification: the results earned are stored in the Learning Record Store and accessible via the LMS.

Even if there’s delay with the awarding body - in case of e.g. CIPD courses - the certificate can be retrieved from the LMS for the needs of the candidate or the business.

Streamline your assessments and certification.

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