Performance Reviews

Streamline performance reviews and keep all your documentation in one place.

Performance reviews are often carried out through paper documents, which are then filed away, seldom to be looked at again.

Top organisations understand that their employees require continuous development in line with their own career ambitions and the businesses strategy. It is vital that the level of data that is being generated on paper is transformed digitally so businesses know how to support their people talent.

With Spark Learning Management System performance and review functionality, it is possible to:

  • move away from paper-based reviews
  • have performance reviews that are fluid, agile and can take place at various times in the year
  • get deeper insight into your learners' needs, as managers can have a clear view of collected data
  • set up metrics and KPIs in the reviews
  • collate all data in one place
  • ensure consistency in expectations and deliverables
  • have regular touchpoints for the development conversations to take place.

Empowering employees to articulate their success and development needs

A great development conversation can be a launching pad for your team’s success and your people’s careers. Spark LMS’s performance management functionality allows for objectives to be created, the curation of the development options that are required to achieve goals and for the employee and manager to work together at the desired frequency while these are in-flight.

Spark’s performance review tool is flexible enough to support the continuous development conversations that are suited to the circumstance and the business strategy you require: on an individual, team or business level. The Learning Management System performance and review interface is easily accessible to both employee and line manager.

Schedule reviews with the Performance Management tool

It is easy to schedule reviews on any frequency your company might need: yearly, six-monthly, quarterly, and even check-ins monthly. The system will automatically notify everyone involved when a performance review is due. Designed to be self-led, employees are prompted with an easy-to-follow process that guides the users through the steps of completing their own performance review.

Managers are easily able to plan, review progress and schedule meetings in a matter of moments when working with the tool. Once actions are completed by their people, managers are notified and kept aware of progress for their next development catch up.

Streamline performance reviews.

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