Bespoke Digital Learning Campaigns Development

Do you want your learning to land with more impact? Would you like your initiatives to cut through the noise, build anticipation and achieve new levels of engagement? Bespoke digital learning campaigns can supercharge your learning.

If you want to boost the success of your learning delivery, digital learning campaigns lift awareness, build excitement and foster genuine engagement and ownership on a global scale.

We’ve created a method – our campaign architecture – that underpins the most successful learning rollouts.



In this phase of the bespoke digital learning campaign, we’re planning for what learners see and hear before the learning begins. This is about connecting people with key messages – maybe it’s a new product launch, concerns ethics, or transformation. What touchpoints will engage them, what platforms can we leverage, what events might we run? And what visual identity pulls it all together? This is a good time to benchmark current knowledge to measure against later.


This phase is the official learning deployment. In a blended learning approach this may mean multiple learning elements that we ensure all look and feel consistent and identifiable, reinforcing your learning brand. We focus on connection, generating dialogue and maintaining momentum utilising social platforms and influencers, creating leaderboards and competitions and automating emails to learners and line managers to propel completions.


This part of the bespoke digital learning campaign considers environmental cues, the role of personal coaching and feedback, and the value of microlearning recaps to sustain learning, promote reflection and embed practice. This is a good time to gather measures for effectiveness, such as conducting surveys.

Building learning brands

We have deep expertise in creating learning brands. We recognise the primacy of your corporate brand expression and are well versed in complementing it with a look and feel and tone of voice that also meets the needs of your specific learning initiative.

We work with your brand experts to ensure alignment and apply thoughtful design to all campaign assets to ensure a consistent design and tone of voice throughout.

Supercharge your learning with campaigns.

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