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Cookies EU regulations update


Hot on the heels of the newsletter we sent you last week detailing the imminent introduction of the new EU cookie laws, the UK government and the Information Commissioner's Office have revised the regulations and given website owners a further year to comply with the law before any enforcement begins.

The Privacy and Communications Directive came into force and states that users must give their consent before using cookies (the text files stored by a web site on your computer to track information on your browsing and activity on that site).

The government recognises that concerns exist regarding online security but is also aware that the use of cookies generally helps us all enjoy a smoother online experience.

The EU change has generated a large amount of debate, not least on the practicalities of how this should be implemented: various methods such as pop-up and banners (as implemented on the ICO website) have been put forward, but the preferred solution for many, including the government, is a browser-based solution, which could work seamlessly for all users.

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