Cybersecurity Sorted Game - Off The Shelf Elearning Courses

Cybersecurity Sorted is a seriously engaging training game designed to make your staff the first line of defence against cyber threats.

Learners are tasked with keeping the business safe from hackers, phishing and everyday cyber threats, working through the levels of the cybersecurity game to understand the different risks.

Cyber attacks remain a major threat to businesses, with the cost of some breaches running into the millions, and that’s before you consider reputational damage. Empowering your people to spot the signs of a cyber attack and confidently deal with them is the best way to mitigate the threat.

Sponge’s Cybersecurity Sorted game is developed in conjunction with BluescreenIT, to get all your people up to speed with the most common cybersecurity threats. While working the level of the cybersecurity game, your employees will gain more and more competence and confidence in spotting cybersecurity attacks.

All our Sorted applied games are available either as an off-the-shelf product or customisable to your brand. They have flexible hosting options, and translations are available.

Cybersecurity Sorted Game

Engaging learners in real-world scenarios embeds deep knowledge in a memorable way because applied games are:

  • Easy to play, fast paced and with familiar app mechanics
  • Rewards and feedback offer learning points, packaged in a fun experience
  • Encourage critical thinking and decision making that can be applied immediately

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Cybersecurity game features

  • Real world scenario-based questions for immediate workplace application
  • 150+ question bank
  • Training level to assist quick user adoption
  • Free-play level with high scores
  • Level based gameplay
  • SCORM trackable progress
  • Rapid implementation
  • Average play time 25-30 minutes

Cybersecurity game learning outcomes

By the end of the cybersecurity game learners will be able to:

  • Recognise phishing attempts
  • Identify different types of cybersecurity risks
  • Recognise cybersecurity best practice
  • Detect signs that a system has been hacked / infected
  • Report potential cyber threats to the IT team

Cybersecurity game compatibility

  • Fully SCORM 1.2 compliant
  • Desktop and mobile compatible
  • For desktop viewing (Windows 7-10 and Mac OS X): Internet Explorer 11; Microsoft Edge (latest); Firefox (latest); Google Chrome (latest); Safari (latest)
  • For mobile viewing (iOS and Android): Mobile Safari on iOS 10+; Google Chrome on Android OS 6+

CEO BluescreenIT

Michael Dieroff

"Cybersecurity Sorted is an invaluable tool for instilling cybersecurity awareness in all employees across any organisation. Sponge’s game works so well because it’s an enjoyable way of delivering a serious message."

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