Learning Management System API Integration

Connecting your learning platform to your business

Spark Learning Management System is capable of seamlessly integrating with your different systems in the background via an Application Program Interface (API), acting as a bridge to transfer data between applications by allowing for the push and pull of automated communication.

In simple terms: APIs allow applications to talk with one another.

Benefits of API Integrations

Learning Management System API-integrations save time, reduce manual tasks, and offer an increased range and depth of data, reports and insight. Here are some of the benefits off connecting through an API integration:

  • Help administrators in automating tasks
  • Help maximise employee and learner experience
  • Give employees just one login for all the platforms they have access to
  • Add / remove users when they are no longer in the HR system or on the payroll
  • Trigger invoices when modules are accessed, reducing time spent manually going through them individually

Spark Learning Management System API Integrations

If you are committed to an existing LMS that’s not fully meeting your needs, Spark’s architecture allows much of its advanced functionality to be added to your existing system for more in-depth analytics and reporting. Feel free to talk to us to solve your challenges: we know how to work with clients' technical teams to make this process painless.

Some of the Learning Management System API-integrations we offer:

  • Load in users automatically
  • Allocate training with just a few clicks
  • Provide single sign-on (SSO) for all platforms that your organisation uses
  • Link to payment gateways
  • Automate many of the tasks that need to be performed when running a Learning Management System
  • Integrations with a learning record store to track and connect analytics
  • Create a relay to pull data from your current learning management system platforms to Spark for increased data visualisation on the activities that are occurring in your learning solutions

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