Learning Management System Digital Document Signatures

Digital document signatures make collecting paper-based signatures a thing of the past.

In a recent survey of a hundred of UK-based decision makers from companies with more than 50 employees it was discovered that manual document processing is the top response to the question “What are the biggest challenges in your role?”.

HR and Learning and Development professionals cite that they can’t find the information they need, are still swamped with paper or keep files and folders in different locations, which leads to inefficient and time-consuming employee reviews, interviews and onboarding of new employees, among other issues.

Digital document signatures stored in the LMS

With a digital document signature stored within the learning management system, it is possible for any document, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) materials or training content to be instantly distributed to specific employees, signed online and returned within minutes. The powerful reporting interface is built in the LMS and provides end-to-end trackable chain of responsibility, access to real-time data, and is mobile worker friendly.

Spark enables the customisation of due dates, alerts and automatic reminders. All the data is stored in one place which reduces both your costs and your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for paper.

The electronic signatures are stored in the Learning Record Store. This provides a single record location for all forms of training and documents inside the Learning Management System, making compliance records retrievable within seconds.

Collect signatures the easy way.

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