LMS Learning Record Store

Sponge's Learning Record Store (LRS) technology is built into the Spark Learning Management System to track all your learning and business data, securely storing them inside the LMS.

If your main challenge when tracking a learning intervention in your company is the lack of actionable data, then Sponge’s Learning Record Store is the technology you need. Effortless retrieval, analysis and visualisation of this data reduces admin and makes it easy to understand and determine ROI.

A Learning Record Store is a data-driven system that is able to store and retrieve large amounts of data generated from Experience Application Program Interface (xAPI) statements ("Person Did X"-statements).

An LRS enables tracking of a wide variety of learning experiences, in far more detail than the long-standing industry standard SCORM used to do (completion, time spent on module, pass, fail). Although, our Learning Record Store can do this too. It can also complement your existing LMS and gather additional data to enable you to drive insights from a learning experience or a learning campaign.

For individual learners, the LRS provides a repository for everything they have learned in their line of work and shows where they stand when it comes to performance reviews.

With the LRS and the xAPI statements it stores and makes available, you can:

Easily retrieve data from Learning Record Store

Furthermore, because of the effortless retrievable data stored in a Learning Record System you can:

Track complex learning activities with Learning Record Store

When it comes to the creation of content, having a Learning Record Store and being able to track complex learning activities gives you freedom to deliver a richer learning experience:

  • Immersive, interactive, adaptive and multi-modal learning experiences
  • Blended learning
  • Learning experiences that span long time periods

Data from these experiences is stored in the LRS and can be shared with other systems that offer advanced reporting or support adaptive learning experiences.

Whether you have less than a hundred or 10,000+ employees, you should have a unique Learning Record Store that helps you gain actionable insights from your learners' experience, knowledge and activities.

Gain actionable insight for better ROI.

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