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Accelerate customer experience to the next level with customer training


What is Customer Training?

Digital training can be the platform your sales reps have been waiting for. But there’s more: eLearning can become a way of communicating and engaging directly with your customer and informing them about your product’s features and functions. It can even be used as a way to strengthen your offer, and credibility. Engaging your customers with customer-specific training is a good way to keep them interested and increase their loyalty to your brand, with the aim of turning them into life-long customers.

How can you use Digital Learning for Customer Training?

Using an LMS and online training for customer engagement can:

  • Provide your customers with pre-sales support, getting them to familiarise with your product or service
  • Facilitate the decision-making process with free demos and trials
  • Strengthen your offer and relationship with thought-leadership – become a trusted advisor
  • Identify any knowledge gaps about your current offer
  • Deliver after-sales support, helping customers exploit all the product’s functionalities or solving issues
  • Become a way to obtain customer feedback about your product / service and their future needs
  • Track and report on customer activity and collect big data for next promotional activities.

Which features can enrich your customer's learning experience?

Including e-commerce features in your learning management system, provide training in multiple languages and implementing a responsive design are all means of enhancing the accessibility of your training and improving your customer experience. Customer training can even take the form of interactive video.

A good learning management system such as Sponge LMS can support you with customer training - in fact, we’re delighted that our LMS was featured in the Top 10 Best LMS for Customer Training!

Learn more about how an LMS and digital training can help your customer engagement - get in touch for a demo.