Learning Management System Learning Kingdoms

Learning Kingdoms are a sequenced set of training events that allow learners to explore a virtual map in the arranged order of your choosing. Learning pathways are visually represented by your chosen theme and will allow you to create a world-like experience that can support targeted learning.

Learning Kingdoms are populated through the identification of learning needs, diagnostics and existing knowledge checks, creating an experience that is personalised, interactive and delivers the right training at the right time.

Learning Kingdoms motivate learners

In classic information-heavy training delivery, learners can lose motivation quickly because they feel overwhelmed. Spark LMS with Learning Kingdoms gives users an immersive environment to explore from a bird’s eye view and tracks their progress through a personalised environment - similar to unlocking levels in a game.

As they progress their map can populate, structures can be upgraded, and new environments can be unlocked. The sky is the limit with the kingdoms that can be created. Replicate your store or office building, or create a custom world or city, learning kingdoms bring an engaging structure to develop talent and capabilities to learning programmes ranging from compliance to onboarding to people skill development.

Immersive and rewarding learning

We recognise the importance engagement has in learner motivation. In complex programmes of learning, for example inductions, Learning Kingdoms provide organisations the ability to create multi-staged learning experiences, where a user can progress through levels.

Similar to a video game, we can create levels through Learning Kingdoms, where the difficulty increases, and learners are challenged to develop skills and knowledge as the pathway progresses.

Motivate your team to learn

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