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Learning Technologies 2023


Learning Technologies 2023 | 03 - 04 May | ExCel London | Stand H40

Welcome to the Sponge insights hub, your go-to location for Learning Technologies highlights. 

From speaker sessions and webinars covering the latest innovations and trends in the industry, to tailored guides and reports helping you navigate your L&D priorities this year, we've got you covered. Keep reading to discover strategy, content, and tech for workplace learning that's impossible to forget.

Webinar on demand

Emerging trends in L&D: Separating the 'buzz' from the buzzwords.

Every year Learning Technologies provides us with a jolt of excitement about what’s to come in the world of L&D. There are plenty of hot topics on everyone's radar, but what are the key trends to look out for? Catch up on our recent webinar where learning experts from Sponge sort the buzz from the buzzwords and pinpoint the growing trends that will help your organisation flourish.

Insights report

Emerging L&D Trends in 2023.

The Emerging L&D Trends Insights Report combines broad L&D industry insights, with a particular focus on three core emerging trends, observed by Sponge's learning experts, that are set to make an impact in 2023:

  • Aligning skills with key business metrics by using analytics to demonstrate ROI.
  • Using competencies to create personalised learner pathways that line up with your organisations goals.
  • Creating learning environments and cultures that feel inclusive to those that work out of office.

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Catch up on our speaker sessions

Thought starters to inspire your learning programmes. 

'Snapchat Unfiltered: How Snap Inc. Is using AR upskilling to transform.'

Snap Inc. is continually evolving, and they want their users to evolve with them. But how do you bring effective learning to a global team with different levels of technical capability? Snap was looking to empower a large audience to become advanced Augmented Reality (AR) developers, enabling learners to adopt and employ AR with Snap's new application, Lens Studio, to build immersive experiences for hundreds of millions of users, from individuals to businesses, local teams to global audiences, the opportunities are endless. 

In this joint session with Snap, we’ll share our journey so far, and the steps we’ve taken to inspire the use of AR as a training and education resource.

Speakers: Stacey Long-Genovese, Global Head of Education at Snap Inc, Tom Griffiths, Learning Experience Consultant, and Claire Chesney, Account Manager at Sponge.

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Thought Leadership Series 10 critical characteristics of effective learning.

How can L&D teams create amazing elearning solutions to keep up with the ever present demand from employee and employer alike? We've put together a list of 10 critical characteristics of effective learning so that you can create fantastic learning that sticks.

Thought Leadership Series 3 Focus Areas for Overcoming Digital Fatigue

Sponge explores the topic of digital learning fatigue with learning leaders from AstraZeneca, Google, and Deloitte, after identifying three key focus areas to address: culture, control, and content.

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If there's one thing we've noticed in our 20 years or so in this industry, it's that we're all here because we love to learn. After Learning Tech, we'll be sharing a series of insights reports covering the main L&D industry challenges and our top tips for how to overcome these. 

Learning is better when it's shared, so join our community, learn with us and receive expert-led knowledge to inspire your learning programmes.